The NOTIFICA App is an incident and adverse event reporting tool for global use, designed for iOS® and Android® smartphones in the English and Portuguese languages, initially.

The notification is done anonymously, preserving user privacy, quickly and user-friendly. Categories of incidents and adverse events were organised to make easier the process.

Once the notification is done, it is sent directly to the Manager responsible for the health unit where the event occurred. If the unit is not yet registered in the App, there is a Health Unit option where the notification will be redirected to the Unit by NOTIFICA Team. In such cases, user should identify where the incident or adverse event happened to the fact that the contact can be performed.


Adverse Event – unintentional physical or psychological (some authors) damage caused or contributed by health care that requires monitoring, treatment or additional hospitalization or resulting in death.

Health Unit – any place where health care is offered, like hospitals, private and public clinics, private offices, nursing homes, rural service centers, disaster response units, etc.

Near Miss - potential harmful incident that was interrupted before reaching the patient.

Sentinel Event – adverse event that cause severe harm or death.